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All the carvings or whittlings  seen below have either been done by novices or show what can be easily achieved with no or little experience and very few tools. Examples of some basic tools are also shown.

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It is always best to ask for advice before buying ANY tools.
Cheap tools can often be poor quality

The tools shown here are only a small example of those widely available on the web:

Carving knives  - Flexcut and Morkaniv Sloyd 120

Chisels - Power Grip

Cut Proof Gloves - NoCry

Sharpening/Honing Block - Flexcut Slipstrop

For a good guide to essential tools follow the link below:

Suggested simple projects for beginners

The pictures below are examples for or completed by novices with a little help and instruction.

Click on any image for an expanded view

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